Creighton Model Advantages

The following are some of the many benefits of the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System (CrMS):

  • The Creighton Model is natural.
  • Creighton Model is completely risk-free. Its usage has been linked to no recognized medical adverse effects.
  • Creighton Model is a low-cost approach.
  • Creighton Model can be used for achieving pregnancy or to avoid pregnancy without stopping the use of Creighton Model.
  • Creighton Model can be used from adolescence to menopause.
  • Creighton Model is of benefit to women with gynaecological and fertility issues.
  • Creighton Model enables a woman to keep track of her procreative and gynaecological health.

CrMS views procreation as a natural and healthy process. It doesn't consider fertility to be a sickness. One of the most interesting aspects of using this technique is the challenge of living in harmony with one's fertility. As couples get better knowledge and appreciation of their fertility, they find their love and regard for one another improve. It is a system founded on deep regard for human life, dignity, and marriage's integrity. The couples that utilize this technique, as well as their families, gain from this experience.